LINKS You want links? I got links!

Mishap Productions This is my home. Here you will info not only on GCVAH, but also on the poetry of Skinny D Kalish, the photography of Mike Garlington, the music of the Dead Hensons and others, but you’ll also find Adam Beebe’s Spleen-a-Zine, the 2002 Presidential Election which is still under way, and general information about the greatest artistic and intellectual movement of all time, period, ever.

You ARE going to hell, little manga schoolgirl The Bosch Holt Richardson, drummer for GCVAH, plays is this feel-good surf-rock band with guitar vigilante Matt Harrison and these two other guys I don’t know that well. Often compared to the Who, the Bosch puts on a goddamn great stage show and actually writes good songs in marked contrast to much of the “indie” bands you hear in NYC these days. I had the honor of being the keyboardist for the Bosch for a brief time. Please make sure to check out “Napoleon Invades Russia” while you’re there; in my opinion, one of the greatest guitar instrumentals ever.

The Force Theory This is Neill Sanford Kent Livingston’s current project, and it’s fronted by the incredible Dionetic, who I almost started GCVAH with back in 1997 (freshman year of college at NYU). Unfortunately, that project didn’t come to fruition, but what you got instead is that totally core-core big band who are one of the more innovative groups out there these days and actually make you want to dance!!! How’s that for a concept, huh? LIVE DANCE MUSIC? What? I thought they made that illegal under the Hip-Hop/Indy Rock Division Act of 1999! Some how, these guys slipped under the radar...

Valeze Tiffany Randol is the hardest working woman in show business, and it shows in the band she fronts, Valeze. This band also features the hardest working drummer in show business, the hardest working orthodonist in show business, the hardest working ring-tone designer in show business, and the hardest working New Zealander in show business. I used to play keyboards for this band and had to leave due to scheduling pressure, but they found a guy who looks just like me to replace me! I wonder if all keyboardists look like that? Well, anyhow, these guys rock hard and are on their way to the top... catch their act, especially at a “Circus” party, which hopefully GCVAH will one day play.

Trick and the Heartstrings features the drumming talent of Peter Hale, a man who can play any genre with skill and is approximately 9,000miss teen usa! feet tall - also a founding member of GCVAH! Fronted by Alex Gedeon, who is quite a songwriter if I do say so myself. Be sure to check out “We’re the Hardest” if you can get your hands on it. It’s got a great sound and it’s quite a track. These guys are NYC-based so check out their shows if you can.

Jillian Ann has succeeded in bringing together a huge, disparate group of artists under one roof in Mental Sanctuary. She is a talented model and musician, and here’s her site, which contains a quadrillion links to all things Jillian Ann, and Mental Sanctuary. Jillian has been incredibly valuable for everyone who’s met her, basically, and has given without expecting anything in return - a great ally and promoter of the arts.

Barbara King has these tacky headshots / model photos all over her website, but she IS a great choreographer and dancer, and I suppose the photos are pretty harmless anyways. She’s a good looking girl so it makes sense that she would have those photos up. It’s just that somewhere I have a picture of Barbara fake-sodimizing me while wearing a wig, so it’s hard for me to take these photos too seriously. Check this site for news of whatever project she’s working on these days, as well as info about Rapt Inside and Maiden America.

Lodger Productions Glenn Lodger is a true gentlemen in an ungentlemanly age. He is a multi-talented, although his main business these days, as I understand it, is film making. Another Mental Sanctuary member and a great person to know.

Alex Call Yesss, he wrote the “phone number song”. He is my father, it’s true. Here’s his website. There’s lots of interesting pictures of Clover on this site; it’s a little too strange for me to enjoy, but y’all rock afficionados ought to get quite a kick out of this. Also, get his latest album and hear some more about the state of politics from a liberal living in Nashville, TN.

The Affiliates And just to show you what a split personality I have, here’s the legal staffing division my mom built into a giant empire. I cannot comment further on this subject but hopefully when she retires she’ll write a book, a rewrite of “The Art of War” perhaps, or “The Idiot’s Guide to Slavedriving Yourself to Exhausting in a World Filled With Incompetents and Petty Scheming Bastards”. This site doesn’t contain any juicy gossip but if you’re looking to be a paralegal, this is the site for you!!!