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Hello. This page currently contains mostly old band posters and other propaganda, as well as a few rare shoots of individual band members. Shots of the band “in action” are still coming. This page is currently “under construction” so check back occasionally to see more random shit. I love you very much.

German Cars flierJohn Ashcroft as a profit for a new American Century...German Cars vs American Homes will destroy their enemiesJared Rock, ladies and gentlemen...Latch in Magic Land - German Cars vs American Homes' secret adventures in the crappy world of anti-folkthe Beebe Brothers and the Archvillian Mapplethorpe!James Call, spiritial leaderGCVAH in a post-apocalyptic wastelandwe must destroy argentinaGCvAH defy the laws of gravityBrunch... a german cars vs american homes adventure!Neil Sandford Livingston and his good friend, former mayor Gulianni.James Call is moving up in this worldherpes!German Cars vs American Homes go to war!donald rumsfield love German Cars vs American Homes!a vintage setlistoh, Carol...James Call requires obedience, drum-slaves! destroy! hello, my sweet... come into my homoerotic love denhello from New York: James like to make flow-charts of all his friendsJames Call! Praise Allah! soon we shall destroy the infidels!!George W. vs Slobodon...Thanks, bitches!pip pip, old bean. DJ Pu Yiare you READY TO ROCK?!?!?!?!Jared Rock!King Sahib's evil feel good Jam-Band!Jason Hogg, shitheadJames used to be cute and quirky. Now he is scary and disturbing.experimenting with lite-rock with a hip hop beatricky Martin loves the REAL Jamesthe vile Mapplethorpe! hiss!!!the Day Mumia came to town part onethe Day Mumia came to town part twoSkinny Dgive James moneygig flierOne in a Million: possibly the best record ever made.German Cars vs American Homes are the real heroesthe core members of German Cars vs Amerivcan HomesSlobadon's fun evil page!what? oh. duuude...James + synthesizers = love Let me tell you how it it...gettin' live at the mishap prom, bitches!