An ALL AGES show at Don Hill's, Friday, Sept. 8. 8'o Clock PM.

This is the last Missing Teens show for a couple months, so don't fuck up and miss out!

Children will cry rivers of blood if you miss the debut of "Crown Heights" and the return of the Roland AX-7!

For only $10. That's $30 cheaper than the cheapest hooker! What a steal!

See you there! Women of Britain, come into the factories!

Hey! You! Sit down and SHUT UP.

The Missing Teens are about to put your rear butt in reverse FOR you.

You are coming to Kenny's Castaways this August 17th at 11 PM.

You are going to hear all the hits you've come to know and love, including such golden oldies as "On and On" and even "Tag Along".

You are going to rock out to the sounds of Darren Jones on drums, and Spencer Chakedis on guitar!

You are going to do all this and more...

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and foes, bills, bills, bills:

Rock continues its slow decline this Saturday August 5, at The Underscore!

If you miss this one... you are a bad person.

This crappy poster should contain all the information you need to know to prosper!

Ladies and gentlemen, future wives and political opponents,

This Friday night will CHANGE YOUR LIFE »FOREVER«.

The Missing Teens venture at last to the ACE OF CLUBS in Manhattan to remind the world to always floss when you brush, look both ways before you cross the street, and scream like a teenage girl when you see the rock of the future!

At 8 PM, for $5, you will hear and groove to the tunes of "Music For Young Adults," as well as certain timeless hits from the German Cars vs. American Homes library.

James "I'm Only Sleeping" Call will be joined by Roko "Hyperspace and Cocaine" Djokovic on guitar, and on the drums, Mr. I Don't Know Where I Am But It's Time To Rock himself, Darren Jones!

So, in brief:

Friday, July 21st, 8:00 PM. Ace of Clubs - 9 Great Jones between Broadway and Lafayette $5 with tons of other excellent bands

Our myspace page

Ace of Clubs NYC

And remember: if you miss out, you are a retard. Thank you.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys 2 Men, Girls on Film, The twin sons of Rock and Roll return to NYC in a blaze of hallucinatory fire this July 8th at the Sputnik Bar in Brooklyn... That's right, we're talking about the MISSING TEENS, the ones that make the ladies swoon and save the bad guy in the end. You just can't go wrong with the high octane dancing and vocals of James "I used to be able to rip off David Byrne a lot more effectively before I started experiencing lower back pain" Call and the blazing guitar of Spencer "What's so funny about peace, love, and understanding? Oh, the understanding part" Chakedis. The Missing Teens have been hard at work on their upcoming album, MUSIC FOR YOUNG ADULTS. You can check out these blazing hott traxx at this very website!. And you can get directions to the Sputnik Bar at Or you can just look at the attached poster and figure out the directions for yourself! Wouldn't that be EXCITING? So grab your guy or gal Sunday and head on down for a saturday night of HITS, HITS, HITS!!!